‘IScore Advisor’ is a mutual fund (MF) and exchange traded fund (ETF) research and investment firm. The firm provides investment advice on MF and ETF based on its proprietary research results – Investment Score or IScore. IScore is designed and generated for fund’s mid-term (12 months) prospected performance and scaled from 0 to 10. 0 is the worst for investment and 10 is the best for investment.

The retirement fund (401K) holders, educational fund holders and other fund investors are our potential clients. There is a very common scenario in real life: people have self-managed retirement investment funds but are unable to effectively manage them. The reason is either they are too busy on their day-to-day job and family obligation or they need enough information about the financial markets and investment skills to navigate the investment opportunities to the mutual funds and ETFs.

Some investors authorize financial advisors to invest for them. But financial advisors are not suitable to everyone. They are too expensive (multiple thousands of dollars fee per year) and the individual advisor may not be as good as you expected. Actually, the best investment people in a financial firm are in the investment department rather than in the financial planning advisory. ‘IScore Advisor’ fills this gap. The firm is created by a leading Wall St professional investment and research team and serves the majority ordinary people. On top of the industry fund research information, ’IScore Advisor‘ combines its proprietary Quasi Monte Carlo simulation based market forecasting results to give all available funds IScore. The member only needs to follow the fund’s IScore to invest or rebalance their 401K or other accounts. The effectiveness of investment score is also real time proved by the firm’s proprietary portfolio which is managed based on the investment score results.

‘IScore顾问’是一个互惠基金和交易所交易基金研究及投资公司。本公司宗旨是基于它独立的互惠基金和交易所交易基金的投资研究成果 (IScore) 为注册会员提供投资建议。大多数 退休金 (401K) 和教育基金帐户持有人是我们的潜在客户。IScore是基于基金的预期中期(12个月)表现而设计的,分数由0到10。0是预期最坏的投资,10是预期最好的投资。


理财顾问并不适合所有的人。他们收费昂贵 (一年几千美金) ,而且你的投资顾问 的业绩并非是你所期望的。实际上,一个金融机构最优秀的投资人员是在投资部门而非理财部门。IScore顾问’弥补这一空白。本公司是由一个华尔街投资及研究团队创立的,旨在服务于普通投资群体的公司。建立于业界基金研究的结果之上,结合自己独创的拟蒙特卡洛市场预测方法和结果,给于每个基金可投资性分数 (IScore). 会员只需根据基金可投资性分数去投资,去调整帐户中的基金再组合。本公司同时利用自己的投资基金去即时证明和展示基金可投资性分数的有效性。